The EXCITING and unexpected encounter of a surfer with two whales

The man practicing stand up paddle shows his surprising encounter with two whales that pass under his board, on the shores of Crescent Head, near Sydney, Australia

“I was alone. I was paddling on my paddle board when a group of dolphins appeared. After following them to a nearby beach this situation with the whales happened, “wrote the protagonist of the video.

As seen in the viral images on YouTube, the surfer warns that two whales approach their location and start paddling to see them more closely. It is there when the cetaceans swim towards him to the point that one of them practically passes under his board.

The protagonist of the video only manages to observe the spectacle of nature surprised and decides to follow the whales very closely. It is at that moment when suddenly one of them appears on his way and hits the paddle board.

Between May and November, whales can be seen in different places along the coast of Australia. The video that has become viral among YouTube users already has thousands of views and several have been pleasantly surprised.