Original truck with which Aerosmith went on tour in the 70s

The American Pickers presenters who travel the United States looking for antiques have located the original truck that Aerosmith used in his first concerts.

The van is an International Metro Van from 1964 that was already old when the Aerosmith band used it for their first tours of New England. The curious fact is that the truck had been abandoned for decades in a small forest near the town of Chesterfield (Boston).

The vehicle rotted out in the open between the trees. When the presenters contacted the owner of the land, he explained that the truck was already there when he took over the property and that, although he had heard it was related to the band, he did not think it could have any value.

American Pickers showed him how wrong he was. The presenters of the program contacted Joe Perry and Ray Tabano, who sent old photographs of the vehicle. Tabano, founder of Aerosmith, even visited Chesterfield and confirmed that the truck was authentic.

The program was purchased from its current owner for $ 25,000. Although nothing has yet been finalized, it is to be expected that the truck will undergo a restoration process that will restore its former glory. Only the process is going to be a show.