NASA found probable signs of ancient life on Mars

NASA announced a promising discovery: the Curiosity explorer has found evidence preserved in Mars rocks that indicate that this planet could have had life in antiquity.

Specifically, the Curiosity found two indications of possible ancient life on Mars:

To begin with, we found a set of organic molecules that possess hydrogen and carbon, and it is possible that they also have oxygen and other essential elements for life.
On the other hand, cyclical amounts of methane were found. Well … it sounds very interesting, no doubt, but what does that mean? This discovery means that methane on Mars increases in summer and decreases in winter. That circular nature could be due to two things: processes of the geology of that planet, or the existence of living microbes under the rock formations of Mars.

To conclude which of the two options is the most feasible, more experiments should be done, but NASA does not rule out the second option.

The answer is: yes, it is possible. It turns out that the soil of Mars has some nutrients needed to grow plants. However, it does not have all the essential components for that, so it should be tried with the help of some fertilizer.

Currently, NASA is developing a replica of the Martian soil to understand its operation. Is not something super interesting?

And what do you think? Will there be life on Mars? If so, what kind of life do you think there is?