Iceland sells the first Gum WITHOUT PLASTIC

Did you know that the main ingredient in the vast majority of chewing gums sold in the United Kingdom is the “gum base”, a non-biodegradable substance made of synthetic polymers, or plastic?

Iceland carried out an investigation on the people’s position towards plastic, and discovered that of the 2,000 interviewees, 85% ignored the content of the plastic in chewing gum. We know that chewing plastic is not healthy, apart from this, there are environmental concerns. The research also showed that with more than 100,000 tons of chewing gum consumed per year, it is estimated that 95% end up in the streets of the United Kingdom, so the government spends millions to eliminate them.

That is why companies like Simply Gum (which manufactures the new product from Iceland) decided to offer an alternative that is biodegradable, a favorable solution to the environment. This week, a free plastic bubble gum will be launched, taking by surprise many who had no idea that they had been chewing plastic for years.
Simply Gum does not use artificial flavors or preservatives, on the contrary, it uses organic ingredients, which makes Simply Gum better for the planet and for people.